The Dresdener Regulator; the dial layout is inspired by a pocket watch made by Syffert in Dresden in 1807. The watch uses an in-house movement designed especially for this triangular regulator dial arrangement.

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My own design and manufacture. The majority of the wheels are taken from a modern ETA caliber that I hand finish and decorate.
Movement Material
The plate and bridges made from stress released brass.
Plate decorated with perlage, the bridges with côtes-de-Genéve and polished beveling. All the decoration is done by hand.
The movement and the dial frame are plated with ruthenium which gives a soft gray tone. The wheels and barrel are rhodium plated as are the hands.
The Dial
Natural slate stone with phyrite speckles with white printing. The ruthenium plated dial frame has hand polished beveling and côtes de Genéve decoration.
The Case and Buckle
The case in the pictures is a prototype, the final case will be made in solid 18k red gold 5N.
The Entire Watch
The decoration of this watch is unified dial and movement side. Horizontal ruthenium plated côtes-de-Genève with polished angles are the major decorative element for both the dial and movement. The hands and wheels stand out with their very white rhodium plating which is more brilliant than polished silver.
My watches are hand crafted according to best modern practices. Your watch will continue to work and be repairable for generations as it contains no parts made of esoteric materials.
Case size
39mm diameter.
The Strap
Black crocodile is 21mm at the case, 18mm at the buckle.