Interested in having a one-of-a-kind hand-made watch of your own? My next watch could be yours. Your input can customise this watch to suit your taste. You will receive a unique piece including your ideas that we have agreed on, a photo documentation of the creation of your watch and a free first service after 2 years.

My watches are hand crafted according to best modern practices. Your watch will continue to work and be repairable for generations as it contains no parts made of esoteric materials. The movement consists only of steel, brass, maillchort, ruby and many hours of patient work. The case can be any of the colors of gold 750/1000, from white to pale yellow through to red gold. The hands blued steel or polished gold. Dial possibilities include one of many kinds of minerals or stones, mother-of-pearl and enamel.

Please contact me by e-mail.